What's in My Everyday Make-up Bag?

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It's nice 'n' all  seeing all these reviews for a huge mix of products, but it's those products that make it into your everyday routine that have stood the real test - don't you think?

PRIME - I've been using W7 'Prime Magic' for a while now in a bid to make my gargantuan pores less obvious. I'd say it works quite well, but next on my hit list is Benefit 'Porefessional'.

CONCEAL - I decided to test out Essence 'Stay All Day Concealer' which to be frank, it awful as a concealer since it rubs away as soon as you attempt to blend it, but I do like it to highlight my brow bone. Old faithful Collection 'Lasting Perfection' never does me wrong!

BASE - I fancied something with a bit more coverage than my usual Bourjois pickings, so Revlon 'Colourstay' it was. This isn't as full coverage as I remember, especially when buffed in with a stippling brush, but it sure as Hell lasts!

POWDER - Another Essence offering! This geezer keeps my foundation in place nicely, but I think it also gives a bit of an orangey tinge...back to Rimmel once this guy's finished...

CONTOUR - Sleek contour kit in 'Medium' is my pick, it's a wee bit too warm to be a 'true contouring shade' but it adds a little definition to my cheeks and warms up my complexion nicely.

BLUSH - Yet more Essence - eek! This peachy shade is ideal fir my skintone and help me look fair more alive than I usually feel!

PRIME - Oh, Too Faced 'Shadow Insurance', how I love thee. My favourite eyeshadow primer ever. 

EYESHADOW - I tend to keep eyeshadows I can just throw on in my make-up bag, which lately has been a selection of Darling Girl and Essence. I've actually reviewed this palette recently, you can see swatches right here.

LINE - After scouring THREE Superdrugs for my all time favourite liner (MUA waterproof) and coming up empty handed (is it just me, or do Superdrug suck at keeping MUA stocked?) I grabbed the first alternative I saw - 2true waterproof liner. So far so good, but I do miss my MUA!

LASHES - Max Factor are the don of mascaras which STAY. 'Masterpiece Transform' gives volume and length without becoming clumpy - ideal.

BROWS - How ragged does my Fashionista brow palette look?! I daren't show you the state of the inside. However, it does have the perfect dark brown for my brows and doubles nicely as a little neutrals palette.

And that, my friends, is my everyday make-up bag! What's in yours?

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Too Faced 'Shadow Insurance' - Make Your Eye Make-up LAST!

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Too Faced 'Shadow Insurance' is my holy grail primer. It is my make-up God - I will forever be a devout worshipper, kneeling to give my thanks on a daily basis and spreading the word about the joy it can bring. It is the one product I simply can't do without, and one of the rare cult classics actually worth the praise it receives - sit down, grab a brew, let me tell you about Too Faced 'Shadow Insurance'...

This one little product makes my eye make-up last through anything the day can throw at it - and I mean anything. 'Shadow Insurance' has seen me through torrential rain, snow blizzards, concerts which have literally soaked every item of clothing I've been wearing through with sweat, extreme heat and probably a whole bunch more - after all, I have been using it for about seven years...
Application is a doddle, just squeeze a tiny bit onto your lid and rub it in with your finger - sorted! From the tube, 'Shadow Insurance' is a fleshy beige type of shade, but it turns transparent once it's blended into the skin. I let in sit for about ten seconds, then apply eye make-up as usual. Eyeshadow applies buttery smooth, blends like a dream and stays looking fresh all day. Boom. Job done.

Now, it is a bit pricey at £17 a pop, but one tube lasts AGES. I've only had three for as long as I've been using it, which is amazing considering how small the tube looks! That makes the 'cost per wear' pretty damn tiny. If cheap primers haven't worked for you in the past it's time to up your game and shell out a bit more - trust me, it's worth it.

RRP - £17 for 11g of product.
Available from - Boots and various online stores.
Do you use eyeshadow primer? Which is your favourite?

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Get Your FREE Max Factor Lipstick!

Max Factor have decided to brighten the day of commuters tomorrow (Monday 26th) by giving out lipsticks in shade 'Ruby Tuesday' (a fresh pink toned red) and encouraging them to ditch the January blues by getting a little glam! After all, what makes you feel sassier than a decent red lippy?!

Pick up your own tube of  Max Factor 'Ruby Tuesday' at both Manchester Picadilly and  London Liverpool Street train stations, starting at 7.30am and ending whenever they're all out (don't worry, they're well stocked!) 

Join in by taking a selfie rockin' your classic glam look, like the face of the campaign, Queen of glamour Marilyn Monroe and using hashtag #glamJan - don't forget to mention Max Factor  (@MaxFactorUK) too!

Products received for PR purposes. I only support campaigns I like the sound of!

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Limnit Lipsticks - The Answer to Your Weird Lipstick Colour Prayers

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Limnit Lipsticks are a relatively new kid on the indie make-up block, specialising in lipsticks in all manner of shades - varying from feminine pinks and classic reds to sludgy olive and modern greige. After spotting somebody sporting a bright sky blue from Limnit, naturally I had to check them out for myself!

The store is your regular Etsy affair, which makes browsing and buying super simple. You can opt for either 'mini lipstick jars' (which are actually pretty big) just to test a few out, or full size lipsticks if you're feeling a bit more adventurous.

Everything arrived well packaged and presented, including a postcard which included instructions on how best to apply your new Limnit shades, which I felt was a nice touch.

This here is 'Deepest Taupes and Dreams' (lovin' that name) which is a bit of a chameleon of a colour. Yeah, I know, it basically just looks like a dark coffee shade in the swatch but it's so much more. When applied it looks way darker and takes on a slight purpley tinge - sometimes it actually looks near black. I would post a picture of me wearing it but it genuinely looks shocking with my yellowy skin - not a good pairing! I'll be using this guy to mix with other shades.

This little beauty goes by the name of 'League of my Own' - although I never wear such shades I can't help but get suckered in by them every damn time! 'League of my Own' is a medium turquoise-teal with a classic lipstick finish (not too matte, not uber glossy.)

I know some of you would draw comparisons between 'League of my Own' and Illamasqua 'Apocalips', but as you can see, they're quite different. The main differences being that 'Apocalips' is 110% matte and leans more foresty green in hue.

[ Please excuse over exposed skin/ blurry picture - I'm not used to my new light! ]

These lipsticks require a bit of warming up with your lip brush before you can even think of applying them, else your brush simply wont pick any product up. I also noticed that both of these have little lumps and bumps in them (most likely from ingredients not being so well mixed) but they smooth out back into the formula during the 'warming up process' so it's nothing major - it just looks a bit unsightly!

Wear time is about average, though you'll need a few swipes plus maybe a quick swish of cleansing oil to thoroughly remove them. I find Limnit lippies to be very comfortable, pigmented, good value for money and I enjoy the shade range - next on my hit list is 'Goodness Greycious' for sure!

Price - £3.12 for a 2g jar, no full sizes currently on sale but keep an eye out!
Availability - Limnit Lipsticks Etsy store.

Have you tried Limnit Lipsticks? Do you like strange lippy shades? Which are your faves? Let me know!
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Darling Girl 'Glitter Glue' - What Your Eyeshadow Has Been BEGGING For!

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Now, I very rarely say with any seriousness that a product is needed or necessary - but I'm about to, because if you ever wear eyeshadow you NEED Darling Girl 'Glitter Glue'. Glitter Glue takes eyeshadow from 0 to 100 in 1 second, making it look far more incredible than you could have ever guessed it was. You might as well just stop reading now, go buy it, then gush about it to me later on Twitter. Maybe I should indulge you to an actual review and some pictures first, though? Oh, go on then...

 Before anything, lets have a chat about the difference between primers and bases. Primers make things stay put and bases make things look bolder, for maximum effect a primer followed by a base will never do you wrong. I've been using Darling Girl 'Glitter Glue' as my base since it was first released (a couple years ago?!) and haven't looked back since.

Glitter glue has the appearance of PVA glue and a similar texture, which might sound pretty unappealing! Fear not, it's 100% eye safe, wont glue your lids together and wont peel off like sheets of snake skin (don't pretend you never 'accidentally' spilt glue on yourself at school...) I use a teeny tiny amount and apply it to my lid with my fingers; it becomes clear and leaves a tacky base for your eyeshadow.

The above swatches show eyeshadow straight over primer, then over primer and glitter glue (with hearts.) I'm pretty sure you can tell the difference! 'Glitter Glue' grasps to glitter and shimmer, keeping it firmly in place - meaning your eyeshadow never goes from 'BOOM!' to 'blah' through the day. I've also found that 'Glitter Glue' makes the colour switch in duochromes more evident, which is only ever a good thing!

And here is 'Glitter Glue' serving its original purpose, holding glitter down FAST. I've used it before nights out and the glitter on my eyes has still been there with no fall out when I get home many hours, many drinks and much dancing later. 

A couple extra tips would be - only use a tiny amount, don't take it into your crease (I use it on the lid only to prevent creasing), apply makeup using a dense brush with a patting motion and blend by layering. Removal is easy, just use your regular eye makeup removal routine. One tube should last AGES, I have about 1/3 my original left which I bought years back!

All in all, an absolute essential for all eyeshadow lovers - especially if you're into glitters, shimmers, bold shades or duochromes (I do sometimes use glitter glue with mattes, but they can end up looking a bit patchy.) Amping up colour, texture, longevity and even occasionally turning duds into stars. Plus, for how long it lasts - super cheap!

Price - $6.75 for 10ml (£4.45 ish)
Availability - Order from Darling Girl Cosmetics

Do you like the look of 'Glitter Glue'? Do you use bases? What's your favourite glitzy eyeshadow? Let me know!

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REVIEW: Essence 'All About Sunrise' Palette

I am absolutely, undeniably an eyeshadow addict. I own more than I care to count and actually need to figure out some more storage for them all (eek!) With that said, it speaks volumes for a palette when it joins my everyday arsenal, I don't get bored of it and I even make a dent in a shade or two - that's the case with Essence 'All About Sunrise'.
'All About Sunrise' comprises of six (mostly warm) shades with a shimmery, near metallic finish. They have the most buttery smooth texture of any eyeshadow I've ever tried, which makes them easy to blend, layer and control. Essence are seriously on the ball when it comes to eyeshadows, I've yet to find one with a texture that sucks!
These swatches are SINGLE swipes with NO primer - look at how pigmented they show up! The champagne shade is a great inner corner highlighter, I've also used it lightly on my cheekbones which looks lovely.  Second and third along are great for one colour washes and I often wear the with a slick of 'liner for work.
I also swatched the bolder shades over Darling Girl glitter glue to show their full glory, how incredible is that gold?! I usually pair these with matte shades as using them together is a bit too sheeny for my personal taste.

All in all, a brilliant, budget friendly palette - high pigmentation, beautiful texture, staying power and versatility - oh and an absolute bargain, too, what more could you want?!
Price - £3.50

Availability - Some Wilko stores and the Manchester Arndale stand.

Have you tried Essence 'All About Sunrise'? Do you have any other of their eyeshadow palettes? Plan on picking any up?
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My First Bomb Cosmetics Order!

Sometimes Lush bores me a bit and I fancy an alternative. There - I said it, but I'm sure plenty of you are with me on that one! That's why I was so happy when The Sunday Girl reminded me of the existence of Bomb Cosmetics - a UK, handmade, cruelty free, environmentally aware bath and body company creating some truly beautiful products.

When I spotted they were having a sale on their Christmas goodies I took it as a sign excuse to try them out - but with SO MANY products (65 bath bombs alone...) choosing what to buy was a mammoth task!

I settled on five bath blasters (AKA bombs), a bath creamer, two bath mallows, a lip balm and four festive candles. Everything is so pretty - I love the aesthetics of BC (ooh, name abbreviation, is it too early in our relationship for such familiarity? How forward of me...) You can tell they really think the appearance of everything through - from the products themselves to the rainbow packaging peanuts.

Check Bomb Cosmetics out (and maybe make a sneaky order yourself) - I've a feeling you wont regret it...

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